At last year’s Business of Weddings a discussion began.
It became shockingly apparent that we are not keeping up with information on our own wedding statistics. This is information that we need for our businesses!

There are basic CSO stats but they are simply the numbers and of weddings, where they took place and ages of the couples. Plus the CSO seem to be a bit behind because they do not even have those statistics ready for 2008, 2009 and 2010. Believe me I have asked.

We had no idea what brides were spending and where.

How they were shopping and why.

What their priorities were for their wedding purchases what they were most likely to DIY.

Where they are getting married and what the trends are.

AND how they were affected by the recession.

So I got a crazy idea { a regular occurrence by me. Just ask my husband}. I would do it myself.  Create a survey of real Irish brides and ask them the questions we wanted to know.

I contacted Mrs2be because I knew they had access to the brides I would need and as they attended The Business of Weddings 2010 I had a good idea they would be up for it. So off we went and surveyed over 1200 newlywed and engaged couples.

At The Business of Weddings on 9th & 10th November in Mallow, Co Cork, we will go through and discuss all of what we found out and most importantly, our speakers also have all of the statistics so they can tell you what this information means to you!

We have published some of the results but if you attend the Mallow event you will get the full details on the survey results. In the meantime, here is a little snippet:

For newlyweds in 2010 and 2011, the average cost of their wedding, including honeymoon, was just under €29,000.

A detailed breakdown of  what brides are spending:

Ceremony Venue (including donations)                            €461
Reception Venue                                                           
Reception Band                                                           
Reception DJ                                                                
Videographer                                                                                          €1,071
Wedding Planner / Coordinator
Wedding Dress                                                                                       €1,329
Bridal Party Attire
Wedding Jewellery
Beauty / Hair and Makeup                                               €428
Florist / Décor
Invitations / Other Stationery
Wedding Cake
Ceremony Musicians / Singers
Wedding Day Transportation
Wedding Favours
Wedding Accessories / Candles
Miscellaneous Costs
The Honeymoon 

So where do you fit in? Where do you want to fit in? Here is more:

December is by far the most popular month to get engaged. Just under 1 in 4 of all engagements happen in this single month. February is the second most popular month, but it is closely followed by October. So another while to wait ladies, if you’re still waiting to be asked!

September is the most popular month for getting married, followed by July, June and August. January is the least popular month for tying the knot.

Average age of the bride is 30 and average age of the groom is 32.

We’re seeing long periods of engagement with 2 or more years being the most common

Average guest numbers to the full sit down meal range from 100 to 150 guests but a surprisingly high number of engaged respondents (more than 1 in 5) indicated that they would be inviting more than 200 guests to the full day.
And you can find more teasers on here but remember if you want to know what these numbers mean to you, you have to attend The Business of Weddings Ireland.

See you there!




04/09/2012 22:47

Great info please send invite for 2012

06/14/2012 02:04

interested in this topic.keep me updated

Tina McAvoy
06/19/2012 14:30

Hi Annie
Thank you for the above information. Do you have any idea how many mature brides there are that get married each year in Ireland? I am researching what is available for the more mature lady to wear on her wedding day. As there are so many second time round relationships I am wondering where these ladies go and if there is a good selection out there for them to choose from. I would appreciate any feedback or direction to get the information from
thank you.
Kind Regards

06/20/2012 01:09

H Tina,
Thanks for the comment.
On that survey we did ask brides {and grooms} ages but I think the best place for you to go is the CSO. They keep track of ALL marriages, ages and locations. As well as how many second marriages there are in the country. They won't tell you what they wore though!
Hope that helps a little?

07/29/2012 03:16

good topic and great info...


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